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PSD2 (3D Secure 2.0) compliance solution

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) is the new authentication rules for online card payments. The 3D Secure 2.0 will allow merchants to improve their approval rates and decrease fraud as well as give a better experience to their buyers, especially with the latest mobile platforms.

As buyers become more involved and the drive for friction less payment improvements, merchants should take full advantage of 3D Secure 2.0. As e-commerce and m-commerce continue to grow, merchants should attempt to optimise buyer experience without foregoing security.

Presently an EU Directive, administered by the European Commission bringing 3D Secure 2.0 (PSD2) into full effect on 14 September, 2019. If organisations are doing business with European buyers after 14 September 2019, those entities that are non-compliant with PSD2 will not be able to process online payments.

How BillingHub can help organizations with 3DS 2.0

BillingHub is a flagship service of Sarathi Softech, an Information Technology Services firm providing expert, customised billing solutions using jBilling platform, Payment Gateway Integrations, Software Design & Development, Production Support Services, Data Migrations, QA, Testing & Automation Services, Business Analysis and Complex Reporting.

We help organizations to upgrade their payment gateways to implement PSD2, we have the expertise to work with Stripe, Braintree, Paysafe, Paypal and more.

We have a seasoned Techno-Functional team, with a great deal of Systems Integrations experience, always available for implementing the required changes in the APIs, adding new features, improve existing ones and guide your teams to run your business and operations smoothly.

Our analysis and effective support is available to ensure a smooth transition to 3DS 2.0. We have rich experience with Data Migration as well as Systems Integration and Customized Payment Gateway Integration that would require to perform very little coding. We can do the payment gateway integration with either your shopping cart or your existing billing systems so that you can easily do payment processing on your website or software applications.

Time is running out for most merchants and organisations that process online payments or use recurring subscription based billing to charge their customers with credit cards or bank accounts. The deadline of 14 Sep 2019 is approaching fast, and very little time is left to make sure your payment processing doesn’t stop.

About Us

Sarathi Softech is a Technology Services provider. We specialize in Billing Systems and Solutions.

BillingHub is our flagship service exclusively designed to provide solutions using Open Source Billing Systems such as the jBilling Platform.

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