jBilling Implementation

There is no doubt that the features provided by the platform are important, but it is just as important that you have a team of professionals that are engaged in the implementation and support of the solution, as they play a very significant role in making sure that the overall solution is successful. It is our great pleasure to have a highly skilled techno-functional team at BillingHub that is quite eager to respond enthusiastically to your needs with a great deal of vigor and enthusiasm.

An Engineering Partner with Enterprise jBilling for Ten-years

Our Engagement Models

BillingHub offers jBilling license along with source code

Build Your Own Billing System

In this offering, we are catering to the requirements of companies who have their own development teams and are looking to develop an in-house billing solution that will not only meet all their requirements but also remove any dependencies from a billing system vendor. BillingHub would provide the Enterprise jBilling System License and Training to your team that would enable them to start using the Enterprise jBilling platform not just from the billing user perspective but also as a development platform.

If you venture into designing and developing your own billing system from scratch, it could take you longer than your plans and create risks for your business plans. Having a Production grade billing platform which is sound, sturdy and flexible, will allow you to focus on meeting your custom needs and allow you to roll out the system with your products in a more iterative way.

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

In this classical BOT model, BillingHub engages with your teams to understand your business, your billing system requirements, performs GAP analysis, does the functional fitment of the system to meet your needs and also builds the custom features as required.

Once the system is accepted in User Acceptance Testing and commissioned in the Production environment, we operate the system from the technical operations perspective, and then start transitioning the operations to your team so that they take the charge of the system as billing users, billing administrators and technical operators etc. 

This model is useful for companies who would like to engage a billing system vendor and use their expertise to implement the automated systems. This model could be used for new system implementations (movement from manual to system based operations) or for replacing an existing system with jBilling.

It can be an effective model for companies who are already using the jBilling Community Edition and would like to replace it with the Enterprise jBilling edition so as to receive the missing features and scalability that comes with the enterprise level system.

BillingHub offers implement train and transfer jBilling solution
BillingHub offers Billing as a service to provide end to end billing solutions

Billing As A Service

Under this new model, BillingHub team provides all services required to build, customize, make live and operate your billing system as if we are an extension of your team.

In this engagement model, we take care of your billing system operations so that your billing team can be freed up to take care of customer issues, pricing anomalies, and stay on top of your product rollouts and roadmap. They get assistance on the system side and this makes them productive in what they are expert at.

BillingHub’s seasoned professionals work dedicatedly to support and run the system operations on a day to day basis. They build business exception reports in the Production system that cover your business use cases and business rules. Such exception reporting finds out problems in billing proactively and the team starts working to resolve such issues before they are reported from the customers.

This also helps with the revenue assurance, reducing your revenue leakages to a bare minimum. The BillingHub team remains available for emergency support on a 24X7 basis and ensures your business runs smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

Deployment of jBilling

We make no recommendation between SaaS and on-premise hosting. This is something we believe you are the best judge based on understanding of your business and expertise that is available in your organization. We support both SaaS and on-premise hosting.

jBilling implemented on cloud infra and maintained by BillingHub

BillingHub SaaS

BillingHub’s SaaS solution offers customized billing solutions that are hosted by us, saving you the trouble of maintaining the infrastructure associated with the billing system. Sysadmin services, DevOps and platform management, technology upgrades, data backups, and data security are all handled by BillingHub. As a result, your billing platform and billing data are secure. jBilling is PCI compliant, and Sarathi Softech is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certified.

Regulatory requirements and hosting norms are met in your country or region. AWS cloud hosting is recommended. Although we prefer this cloud platform, our system has also been hosted on Azure.

jBilling can be implemented on clients private cloud

Your Private Cloud

Having your own infrastructure and having the necessary infrastructure support is one of the best things you can do, so you are already in a good position. The billing system will be delivered to you by BillingHub, and you will deploy the system on your own private cloud, which is in your control. BillingHub provides software executables and user guides.


We believe that you will take care of platform management, technology and software upgrades, data backups, and data security issues.
jBilling can be implemented on on premise servers


BillingHub supports the on premise implementations for companies that maintain their own infrastructure, whether on cloud or on their own servers. This gives greater flexibility for us to implement the system in regions and countries where cloud systems are not yet available.

BillingHub follows all security norms of its clients and aligns its services with the security standards as followed by the clients, also ensuring that the service additionally meets the ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II norms which we as a company are complying with, in letter and in spirit. We also provide on site support with consultants and engineers open to site visits, temporary or long term stay to support you as needed.

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