BillingHub is a flagship service launched and promoted by Sarathi Softech Pvt Ltd, a company based in Pune, India. It has been designed to provide billing solutions with implementation of Enterprise jBilling platform, which is the world’s leading open source billing solutions platform. Sarathi Softech has been founded by a passionate software professional and entrepreneur – ‘Amol Gadre’. Amol started this company back in July 2010 and since then he and his engineering team are working to make an impact with their services & solutions for a number of organisations across the world. 

Sarathi has been a trusted partner to Enterprise jBilling for over 10 years now. BillingHub is therefore is a combination of one of the best open source billing systems in the world in jBilling and professional services of a proven software professional group from Sarathi, that not only cares about its customers and implementations, but goes the extra mile in ensuring excellent customer experience with their billing solutions.

BillingHub is a platform through which all the billing requirements are fulfilled under one roof. Whether it is work related to Telecom billing systems, Cloud billing, Energy sector billing or API monetization requirements, we cater to serving and fulfilling all. BillingHub also provides a base to build and implement various extensions required from a billing system – namely reporting & analytics, data migrations, CRM & Customer Portal integrations, and more.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of the billing solutions industry as businesses expand across the globe and require flexible systems to implement their innovative models…

Billing Implementations

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Payment Gateway Integrations

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Technology Expertise

We are experts in analyzing, developing, deploying and maintaining software. Every member of our team adheres to coding standards and technical design. We take user feedback continuously in order to make the system more stable and easy to use. 

We believe in using a systematic approach to develop the system through clear documentation (flowcharts, layouts, etc.) of its functionality, taking advantage of creative solutions to address every use case.

Domain Expertise

Our expertise lies in sectors such as telecom, ISP, cloud, and mobile virtual network operators. As a result, we have been able to successfully understand the requirements of our customers and implement them successfully in our solutions. 

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