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Telecom Billing

We offer billing automation for Telecom companies, Internet Service Providers, Dish TV, and Streaming Service providers. Our solutions include Mediation of usage of various different services, invoicing, complex pricing and automated payment processing. Our billing engineers make sure your services and business run smoothly.

IaaS - SaaS Billing

We provide Billing Solutions for an IaaS -SaaS providers to enable you to make services simple, affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing. Our solutions allow you to add numerous new plans and products to your hosted platform, implement new features, allow cross currency charging, change or adjust your pricing structure and more.

OTT Billing

OTT Billing

Our billing solutions for the OTT providers give the flexibility to upgrade technologies and make themselves capable of meeting the ever-changing business challenges concerning the OTT service segments. Just focus on the demand of consumers for faster delivery of content.

Consumption Billing

Consumption Billing

Set up usage based plans and charge your customers based on the usage consumption of particular service. Use easily configurable pricing and rating options such as rate cards, included quota or free minutes, pricing strategies, incrementing and rounding rules and more. BillingHub’s Mediation Rating Engine processes your usage data and rates the events accurately based on the pricing rules you configure.

Subscription Management

Subscription management provides various subscription options like prepaid or postpaid subscriptions and setting up of various subscription pricing rules. The subscription charging combined with a flexible product catalogue, bundles and plans provides a very comprehensive coverage of various subscription billing requirements in Telecom, Cloud and Energy sectors.

Consulting, Customization & Implementation

We provide consulting, do customizations to meet your needs, design and implement billing solutions to propel your business growth. We help you streamline your processes and implement features that will reduce your costs and minimise operational issues, thus allowing you to focus on strategizing and innovating in your business.

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Why choose BillingHub?


Achieve end-to-end automation of your workflows and business processes to automate your billing. Use monitoring tools and billing health checks to be in control of your charging.

Complex Pricing and

Create your own innovative, flexible pricing rules to provide unique propositions. Support for more than a dozen pricing strategies in the market.

Customize With Plugin

Use plugin extensions to develop new features that meet your demands, integrate with other systems with ease.

Be a jBilling

Take charge of your billing system. We enable you to grow your own in-house jBilling expertise with training, hands on exercises and full access to source code.

Our Little Story

About Us

BillingHub is Sarathi Softech’s flagship service exclusively designed to meet your billing requirements. Our area of expertise covers many services and solutions in Billing and Payment Processing world, be it implementing Complex Pricing Rules, Integration with Tax Engines such as Suretax, Usage Charging, API & Payment

Gateway Integrations, and more. We help organisations with their payment gateway integrations implemented with full PCI Compliance, using services such as Stripe, Braintree, Paysafe, Paypal and more.

Did you know that

We are an Approved System Integrator of jBilling

We are an Approved System Integrator by Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd for the implementation, licensing and support of jBilling Local Edition (LE), requiring on-premise deployment of Enterprise jBilling application.

We are an expert in
Billing Domain

  • Develop New Features using Plug-in Extensions
  • Implement Parent-child Account Structures
  • Implement Complex Pricing Rules
  • Support Automated Payment Processing
  • Provide Flexible Currency Options

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Our goal is to be at the forefront of the billing solutions industry as businesses expand across the globe and require flexible systems to implement their innovative models…

Amol GadreFounder and CEO

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    How to choose the right subscription billing system for your business

    Choosing the right billing system for your business is a challenging and time consuming process. You need to consider both your current as well as future needs. Even replacing the existing billing systems down the line also requires planning and proper coordination. Using a billing system that works out of tune with your pricing model or needs can lead to lost income and frustrated customers.
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  • Scaling Your Invoicing and Call Charging Processes

    How can your batch processes scale and process increased volumes of data faster? If you are looking for solutions in your product or system to improve and scale performance of the the batch processes such as invoicing or usage charging, obviously you would start looking for a technology expert with the relevant experience. It is however not that easy to find the person with domain experience and have a team at your disposal who can understand the domain very well...
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  • Stripe 3DS2 Implementation with jBilling

    BillingHub has designed and developed a plugin extension to support Stripe payments with the 3DS2 workflow. This plugin would handle the 3DS workflow and interact with the Stripe gateway to make sure the cards are authorised before they are used for making online or recurring payments.
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Clients’ Testimonials

  • Sarathi has worked in so many billing implementations, it is hard to count. They are likely the most knowledgeable jBilling expert in the IT services industry. Their experience combined with the professionalism, dedication and honesty makes them the ideal partner for a successful billing implementation.

    Emiliano Conde
    Former President & Founder at Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd

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